EOX Market Data

NGL Forward Curves

See a Sample of the Natural Gas Liquid Forward Curve Report

The natural gas liquids (NGL) forward curves provide an independent and thorough view into the global NGL market. The product covers physical and financial products including swaps and financial futures prices for NGL and olefin petrochemical products. Curves are delivered daily before 4:00 pm EST providing customers an early start to their end of day processes.



OTC Global covers daily assessments of natural gas liquids & petrochemical (olefin) forwards at 44 locations and with products that include deliveries for: Mont Belvieu (TET, non TET, Targa), Conway, Hattiesburg, Far East, Saudi Arabia, Sonatrach, Baltic, and hubs in Northwest Europe.


  • Daily assessments provided in monthly granularity
  • 5-year forward tenor produced daily
  • Spread futures/swaps marked