EOX Market Data

Power Forward Curves

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The power forward curves provide an independent and thorough view into the North American electricity market. The product covers physical and financial products including swaps and financial futures prices. Curves are delivered daily before 4:00 pm EST providing customers an early start to their end of day processes.



The product covers daily assessments of electricity forwards at 182 locations, including all the major electricity hubs, nodes and relevant trading locations in North America. Coverage includes forward curves for standard on-peak and off-peak forward contracts, heat rates, and ATC prices in the following ISO/RTOs:

  • PJM
  • WECC
  • MISO
  • AEIS
  • IESO
  • SPP


  • Daily assessments provided in monthly granularity and seasonal blocks
  • Calendar and Quarterly forward contracts
  • 10-year forward tenor produced daily
  • End of month 20-year forward curves included in subscription
  • Forward price curves for standard on-peak, off-peak
  • Weekend peak and 7x8 for ERCOT, PJM zones/hubs
  • Ext. on peak, ext. off peak, super peak, and flat prices for AESO
  • Hubs, zones, select nodes, and select busses marked